The Board of Directors is the unit of authority within the District. Apart from his/her normal function as a part of this unit, Directors have no individual authority. As individuals, Directors may not commit the District to any policy, act, expenditure, or give individual direction to the Fire Chief or District employees. Directors do not represent any fractional segment of the community, but are rather, a part of the body, which represents and acts for the community as a whole.

The policy of the Fire District Board recognizes that one of its major functions is to serve as the policy-making body of the Fire District, and to govern the activities and shape the future of the Fire District. At the same time, the Board preserves for the Fire Chief and the professional staff the responsibility of the day-to-day administration and operations of the District in a manner consistent with the policies and rules of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Policy Manual

Jacqueline Snyder, Chairperson

Email:    Phone: 707-295-8191

Proudly serving since January 2018 and a resident of the City of Clearlake. I was born and raised in this community. I served as a volunteer EMT for several years, served this Board previously, and bring with me an extensive legal background. Being a Director on this Board allows me and my family to continue serving and improving our community.

Denise Loustalot, Vice-Chairperson

Email:   Phone: 707-350-0714

Proudly serving since October 2020 and a resident of the City of Clearlake. 

Mario Ballard, Director

Email:    Phone: 415-640-4283

Grateful for the opportunity to serve our community. Retired firefighter with 33 years of service. Former Board member for “Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo”. 

Michael Dean, Director

Email:    Phone: 510-206-6531

Proudly serving since January 2018 and a resident of Lower Lake. I bring with me almost 40 years of management. I’m highly involved with my local community through other groups and boards. Being a Director on this Board provides another way for me to better serve my community.

Kendall Fults, Director

Email:    Phone: 559-381-1190

Proudly serving since July 2019. I am a retired RN healthcare executive who was born in Norton, KS. I retired from Adventist Health in 2017 after overseeing the outpatient services as Sr. VP of the four network hospitals, Adventist Health -Selma, Adventist Health -Reedley, Adventist Health -Hanford and Central Valley General Hospital. I also enjoy serving at Rotary, as a board member of Lake County Wine Association and member of Adventist Health-Clearlake community board. For fun, I enjoy designing and fabricating custom stained-glass windows and instructing students in the art.

Richard Moore, Director

Email:    Phone: 707-489-1528

Proudly serving since January 2016 and a resident of the City of Clearlake. I began my career in 1959 with Lakeshore Fire, which was later consolidated into Lake County Fire and am now retired. Being a Director on this Board allows me to continue bringing my firefighting and management experience to better serve my community.

Diane Watson, Director    Phone: 707-350-2934

Proudly serving since July 2012 and a resident of the City of Clearlake. As a longtime resident of Lake County, I was a volunteer EMT for over 13 years. From this and my employment with the Department of Labor, I bring with me a wealth of information regarding life safety and fire service. Being a Director on this Board is another way for me to continue serving our community.


Board Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month. It is adjusted for holidays. The meeting calendar for the coming year is set each December.

For 10 months of the year, the meeting is held 4pm at Station 70 located at 14815 Olympic Drive in Clearlake. For 2 months of the year, the meeting is held in Lower Lake at 5:30pm. The locations and times are on each agenda. 

The public is encouraged to attend meetings. If you are interested in attending, please check our website each month as the agenda, meeting minutes and audio recordings will be posted. Below you will find the agendas from previous months if you would like to get caught up.

Please contact the Clerk of the Board, Miasha Rivas at or call 707-994-2170 for any questions, concerns, Board requests or to add items for the Board agendas. Any requests to add agenda items must be received 1 week prior to the meeting.

                                  Meeting Date                                           Agenda/Packet                              Minutes                                       Recordings   
04/27/2022 Regular PDF PDF Audio
04/11/2022 Special PDF PDF Audio
03/23/2022 Regular PDF PDF Audio
02/23/2022 Regular PDF PDF Audio
01/26/2022 Regular PDF PDF Audio
12/15/2021 Regular PDF PDF Audio
11/17/2021 Regular PDF PDF Audio
11/04/2021 Special PDF PDF

Audio Part 1

Audio Part 2

10/27/2021 Regular CANCELED PDF PDF Audio
09/22/2021 Regular PDF PDF

Audio Part 1

Audio Part 2

08/30/2021 Special PDF PDF Audio
08/25/2021 Regular PDF PDF Audio
08/25/2021 Workshop PDF PDF Audio
08/19/2021 Emergency PDF PDF Audio
07/28/2021 Regular PDF PDF Audio
06/23/2021 Regular PDF PDF Audio
06/21/2021 Workshop PDF PDF Audio
05/26/2021 Regular PDF PDF Audio not available due to technical issues
05/17/2021 Special PDF PDF Audio
04/28/2021 Regular PDF PDF Audio
03/24/2021 Regular PDF PDF Audio not available due to technical issues
02/24/2021 Regular PDF PDF Audio
02/04/2021 Special PDF PDF Audio not available due to technical issues
01/27/2021 Regular PDF PDF Audio
12/16/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio not available due to technical issues
11/18/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio
10/28/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio not available due to technical issues
09/27/2020 Special  PDF PDF Audio
09/23/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio
08/26/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio not available due to technical issues
07/22/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio
06/24/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio
05/27/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio
04/22/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio
03/25/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio
02/26/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio
01/22/2020 Regular PDF PDF Audio
12/18/2019 Regular PDF PDF Audio not available due to technical issues
11/20/2019 Regular PDF PDF Audio
10/23/2019 Regular PDF PDF Audio Part A    Audio Part B
10/02/2019 Special PDF PDF Audio
09/25/2019 Regular PDF PDF Audio
09/09/2019 Special PDF PDF Audio
08/28/2019 Regular PDF PDF Audio
07/24/2019 Regular PDF PDF Audio
07/09/2019 Special PDF PDF Audio not avialable due to technical issues

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